The story of LUNCH

'Food is our common ground, a universal experience.'
- James Beard

Then, Karen randomly notices The Bulk Barn is closing.  She texts Jessica, who happened to be out of town (#whereintheworldarejessandkaren).  Jess’ immediate reply is, ‘We’ve got to rent this space.’

And so, we do.  We spend time making the space beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Because despite the daily routine of business management spreadsheets and the monotonous processes of land development, we love art and creativity and beauty.  We want to create a space that feels pleasant and connects people.  And, we want good food, quick. Welcome to 

Because we’re business minded and since we’ve spent the time and money to make this space beautiful, we certainly need to capitalize on it’s usage!  As well as meet yet another need in downtown Troy - a space to rent for events, business meetings, bridal or baby showers and dinner parties.  And, when you’ve got a view of Prouty Plaza that’s this good, you want to share it with everyone.  If you need to host a party or an event in downtown Troy, we'd love for you to use our space!

You know that moment when you ‘Just do it’ because you’re that desperate?! That’s part of the story behind lunch.  

Jessica and Karen both work and spend plenty of time in downtown Troy.  And, both have an appreciation for tasty food.  While we have several great options for food within walking distance, there are just some days that we don’t have time to sit down to a delectable and leisurely lunch.  I mean, we would be ‘ladies who lunch’ every day if we could, but . . . life.  We also get tired of packing our lunches every single day.  And don’t even get us started about driving across I-75.  That’s just not going to happen.

As firm believers in business begetting more business, we’ve often joked and dreamed of having more quick lunch options downtown.  I mean, we have at least 10 salons . . . is it too much to ask to have a couple more lunch options?!

Time passes.  This conversation continues.  We have a summer intern do some research.  We casually bring the idea up to friends and family and other business owners.  We pay attention to what space is available downtown, which thankfully isn’t a lot.  (Shameless plug to Troy Main Street, the Chamber and the City.)  We look at places here and there.  We continue the conversation as we grow weary of packing our lunches.  And possibly, we complain from time to time.  Because we’re human and some days, we just want good food fast . . . 


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